Imaging: Women Straight On
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The birth of his beautiful first daughter, Wendy, inspired Rick Skillman to study photography in order to capture her essence and innocence. Now, nearly 40 years later, he continues exploring the edges and limits of fine art photography, portraiture and digital filming from his studio on Vashon Island. Working through EagleDigital Productions, he strives towards the deepest possible expression of truth, while collaborating in telling the stories of others.

The photos in this collection, called “Women Straight On,” are the means by which he has been teaching himself, and now us, how to really SEE women – away from biases and prejudices formed as part of ones culture and family of origin, towards seeing a woman for who she really is.

The images are in black and white, a medium that helps him communicate the possibilities that exist for knowing someone beyond learned biases for body type, hair color, age, or sexual attractiveness. These are pictures that demand more than a casual glance from the viewer, as they shift ones point of view and tell each woman’s story.

Please enjoy the samples here and contact us if you are interested in participating in this project.

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