About The Leading Clinic

The Leading Clinic’s mission is to be a catalyst in igniting leadership and breakthrough performance in community-based, government and non-profit organizations, supporting them in making a profound difference in the quality of life in our communities.

Through its unique transformational change processes, which build non-profit organizations filled with confident, resourceful and inspired employees, The Leading Clinic seeks to contribute to creating resilient communities and a healthy world.

The Leading Clinic offers an internationally respected program for developing highly skilled coaches and organization consultants. Certification through The Leading Clinic designates a graduate with the caliber of skills needed to assist clients/client systems through large-scale, complex, and sustainable change (including sustainable personal change).

TLC's Workshops held in Hong Kong offer the Certificate in Whole System IQ (intelligence) and Positive-Core Coaching™ and Positive-Change /Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator™ certification.

TLC’s program, Coaching Certification in Appreciative Inquiry and Whole System IQ, is currently offered on both the East and West Coast in the US. Future plans include offering this program in Russia and the UK.

Coaching Certification in Appreciative Inquiry and Whole System IQdevelops each participant’s mastery in seeing how systems work, applying tools to assess the changing environment, and inspiring clients to make needed changes while building their confidence to take on the pressing task of changing a complex, whole system.

This program enables our certified coach/consultants™ to assist their clients in achieving an unprecedented breakthrough in their key personal and business results.

For information on how to host the Internationally Certified Coach training program in your area, contact Sherene at slzolno@comcast.net

For a list of Certified Coaches in your area, please click here.

For the latest information on our Whole System approach, see our article in The 2008 Pfeiffer Annual: Training "Getting Smart about System Change", now available at Amazon.com.

The Leading Clinic is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, licensed in the State of Washington.

Your donations to The Leading Clinic are tax deductible according to law.

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