“The Leading Clinic is a breath of fresh air for non-profits wanting to be ahead of the changes that are happening.”
~Ron Jacobson, Compass Health

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Here you will find listings of upcoming events, training programs and presentations, links to The Leading Clinic’s publications, and in-depth information about the change processes and programs we offer. Please contact us for further information, or to arrange an on-site discussion of how we might assist you in increasing your organization’s and your own leadership effectiveness.

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Our Vision

The Leading Clinic’s goal is to create a new future for nonprofit organizations and their leaders.

We believe that, through application of The Leading Clinic’s leadership and systemic change approaches, nonprofit organizations will be able to break through to a new level of service excellence and capability, and succeed in making a profound difference in the quality of life in their communities.

Our Goals

As a non-profit organization focused on service to other non-profits, we strive to help our clients achieve the following:

  • Increase their impact even while their resources may be decreasing; enable them to achieve a new level of service excellence and quality.
  • Develop nonprofit leaders’ clarity of vision, ability to inspire followers, and understanding of how to direct their systems.
  • Educate leaders in new and more effective approaches to coaching, rewarding, and acknowledging. These approaches will enable them to lead Board members, volunteers and staff in achieving a breakthrough in their ability to serve our communities.


The Non-profit Organization's story

Nonprofit organizations are challenged to ensure that their core values, beliefs and signature presence are not lost in the process of surviving in the current economic climate.

Therefore, it’s useful to know that these foundational values are encoded and expressed in the stories that people share about the deeds and accomplishments of people throughout the organization. These conversations are the hidden assets of your organization––signifying the organization’s spirit –– and an important source of value that you offer to your community.

The Leading Clinic works with leaders and their organizations to identify core values, capabilities and mission, and to use this information to ignite a powerful visioning/strategic direction process. We have found that stories, more than any other form of communication, can best identify the ideals of the organization, and point to how they are lived in the everyday behaviors of the organization’s leaders and employees. These stories, told and re-told, become the culture-creating means for integrated organization-wide efforts, for orienting new employees and ultimately for creating that elusive “shared vision”.

Let The Leading Clinic work with your non-profit organization to harvest greater self-awareness from your own stories, and put this knowledge to use in clarifying intentions and direction, and in uniting the workforce to stretch into their declared vision of the future.

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