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New East and West Coast Certified Coaches, and
new International Coaches and Facilitators graduate!
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Introducing our most recent program graduates from Asia!

A new group of graduates have completed the requirements for the "International Positive-Core/Appreciative Inquiry Coaching” Certificate programs. From Asia (the programs were held in Singapore), they join a group of uniquely trained, competent and capable coaches available to support their clients' organizational and personal success.

Dr. Tan Bee Wan,

Irene Chew Rezel,

Jason Lai Sir Chuan,

Lee Yean Wun,

Han Yah Yee,

Tina Hung,

Lisa Lim, 

Eunice Lin,

Ng Ming Ming,

Yogeswari Munisamy,

Ruth Li Pyang Tan,

Dennis Teo Wee Beng,

Henry Soo,

Adrian Wong,

Thia Lee Yong,




Held in Singapore and Hong Kong
Fall, 2013

As a Positive-Core Coach, you will add velocity to the accomplishment of specific objectives. You will become effective in identifying blind spots and skilled in creating an integrated plan to assist clients in overcoming them.

Includes training in key methods, models and techniques, such as:

• Leadership for a Healthy World
• Whole Field Alignment
• The For Change to Happen
• Breakthrough Results: Reframing towards the Positive
• Steps To Positive-Core/Appreciative Inquiry Coaching
Systems Thinking Applying Positive-Core /Appreciative Inquiry Methods

You will polish your skills in:

• Contracting for Positive-Core Coaching
• Seeing Systems and assessing system needs for change
• Positive discourse and Positive Reframing
• Sensory-acuity

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Coaching Certification In Appreciative Inquiry
and Whole System IQ™ (Whole system intelligence)


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Learn how to help your clients achieve – and sustain – positive change.
This 10 day, 150-hour program offers certification through The Leading Clinic.

A special highlight of this professional development process is the application of Appreciative Inquiry within the context of whole system change.

As a certified coach/consultant™ in AI & Whole System IQ™ you will be qualified to coach today’s CEOs and the next generation of high potential managers, plus teams, and whole systems –– large or small, partnerships, corporations, public agencies, or other groups –– going through change. You will relate to your clients in deeper, more meaningful ways.

Session 1 WSIQ – Whole System Intelligence
Session 2 The Coaching Conversation: Breakthrough Reframing
Session 3 Appreciative Inquiry and the AI Summit (integrating AI in a Whole System Change approach)
Session 4 Whole System Interventions in Your Coaching and Consulting Practice

Coaching Certification in Appreciative Inquiry and Whole System IQ(whole system intelligence) gives each participant the opportunity to see how systems work, apply tools to assess the changing environment, and inspire clients while building their confidence to take on the pressing task of changing a complex, whole system.

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Learn To Communicate Effectively

The RESULTS ARE IN! COMMUNICATION program is a powerful workshop that focuses on building communication skills that help participants achieve desired results at work and at home. Our approach emphasizes communicating with integrity, self-awareness and an understanding of how and why individuals act, react and interact as they do. This workshop benefits those who want to become more balanced and effective as communicators so that they can better advance key personal and organizational initiatives.

Who should register?

Executives, managers, nonprofit leaders, employees and volunteers, independent consultants—all testify that THE RESULTS ARE IN! COMMUNICATION program provides an immediately useful repertory of communication skills—backed by clarity, intention, and confidence—that significantly improve your performance in the workplace and elsewhere

What skills will you master?

  • Learn to communicate with clarity, intention and confidence using specific, advanced communication skills.
  • Build self-awareness and understanding of what kind of impact your communication style has on others.
  • Manage your reactivity to others in moments of intensity and seek, through inquiry and curiosity, to restore the flow of communication.
  • Learn which types of responses tend to escalate or de-escalate the level of intensity in which you are trying to communicate.
  • Identify your typical communication responses to intense situations and practice alternate responses to achieve more useful results.

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Sherene Zolno spoke at the

Appreciative Inquiry World Conference in Nepal

Topic: Appreciative Leading: Toward a Healthy World

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Sherene Zolno spoke at the

Organization Development Network national conference in Austin,TX


Topic: Getting Smart about System Change

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Sherene Zolno and Rick Skillman spoke at the

Topic: APPRECIATIVE LEADING: Seeing a way to a Healthy World

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Sherene Zolno hosted a roundtable discussion at the

Topic: Model for a Healthy World: the core competencies of leaders.

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