COACHING in non-profit organizations

Working Together to Create a New Future

Coaching is a specific tool for causing, through conversation, the climate, environment and context to empower individuals and teams. Coaching is also a new approach for managing and leading, one that enables leaders within their senior teams to reframe barriers and blocks to productivity and to create a new opening for action.

The Leading Clinic and Coaching

More and more, as we have come to depend on non-profit organizations to provide vital community services, they have felt the pressure to perform at ever increasing levels of proficiency and commitment. Yet now, when many need it the most, our community's non-profits consistently suffer from lack of support for developing the exceptional leadership skills that are called for.

In 1995, organization consultants and community leaders formed The Leading Clinic, a 501 (c)(3) Washington-based non-profit, to design a program to address this need. The result, TheTimeline for Tomorrow™, is an innovative process that links together

  • a practical approach to increasing organizational effectiveness;

  • a program of leadership development designed to build a cadre of leaders with the capacity to learn, partner and catalyze change; and

  • in-depth coaching to extend leadership and responsibility throughout the organization.

    Guided by experienced consultants to think beyond what was once thought possible, our non-profit clients translate good intentions into everyday operational excellence and responsible action.

Why does our coaching work?

Most people become aware of what they don’t know when there’s a breakdown of some kind. The Leading Clinic’s coach/consultants help clients access what they don’t know they don’t know by standing apart from them (to get a fresh view of the ‘field’), and working with them to shift the framework of their understanding.

Because a coach’s vision is not constrained by the same set of limiting beliefs or perceptions as the client’s, the coach can enable them to see the possibilities outside their field of interpretation or “box.” Coaching makes possible the reinterpreting of events so that a breakthrough in results can naturally occur.

To learn more about how to create a culture of coaching in your organization, please contact us.


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