Consulting to Create a New Future

“Our times are so unusual––so thrilling and tragic and absurd–– that they demand of us an out-of-the-ordinary sense of mission.” - Harlan Cleveland

The Road Ahead

How can we sustain non-profit organizations and ensure their ability to contribute to the well-being of our communities?

Economic concerns affect most organizations today, but the pressure of do more with less is felt most acutely amongst those organizations that address the special needs of our communities. Their leaders are struggling to improve services, even as service populations are growing and financial support is decreasing.

Now they tell us that, more than ever, they need to have exceptional leadership skills to meet current and future operational demands.


The Healthcare Partnership: The Search for Quality


Like the exceptional results of championship teams, high performance healthcare organizations are the outcome of individuals operating in top form. Collaborating. Seamlessly handing off the baton. Going the distance.

That success depends on the commitment of the people involved. And how they interact with one another.

The Leading Clinic, in its Healthcare Partnership practice area, has helped committed leaders of healthcare systems across the country realize their vision for how their employees would take responsibility for delivering the highest quality service, providing outstanding patient care, and engaging in best practice, operational excellence. We do this by helping them catalyze a profound cultural shift within the framework of a clear strategic intention and organization-wide leadership development for results.

What does it take to create and sustain such a shift? The visionary leaders we work with invigorate their organization’s commitment with a clearly defined service and care framework for excellence. And by breaking up blind spots and challenging hidden assumptions and limiting beliefs.

How we help leaders bring about – and sustain – this possibility is what sets The Leading Clinic’s Healthcare Partnership apart. We are systems thinkers and strategic planners with experience in whole system change. We are experts in the tools and processes of quality improvement, and know how to teach leaders and teams to use them. And we are personally involved; we coach the organization and its leaders in the accomplishment of meaningful results.

Our approach, called Breakthrough to Quality, will loosen the grip of your organization’s old culture, and provide you with new views of what is possible. Customizing this foundation for change will support your successful implementation of a sustainable change, as we collaborate with you in well-thought out, research-based development planning and training.

For more information about The Healthcare Partnership, contact Sherene Zolno, at 206-463-6374.

The Timeline for Tomorrow™

An integrated process for leveraging the future.


The Leading Clinic guides non-profit organizations through a systemic process of analysis and learning. Called the Timeline for Tomorrow™, this unique process links together a practical approach for increasing organizational effectiveness and a program of leadership development with in-depth personal coaching. All aspects of the Timeline are customized and are delivered by well-respected, experienced consultants.

The Timeline is designed to foster innovative thinking throughout the organization, and achieve performance breakthroughs. In it, staff, volunteers, board members, stakeholders and non-profit leaders come together to solve complex problems. Thinking beyond what was once thought possible, they translate their strategic intentions into everyday practice.

Beliefs that unlock the future.

In a two year study, The Leading Clinic’s research team discovered the beliefs that extraordinary leaders say are the source of their success. . .

  • that organizations are created in partnership with all stakeholders;
  • that the organization’s conversation about itself determines its potential for achieving exceptional goals;
  • that choices (rather than limitations) free ones capacity for imagination and renewal.

The Leading Clinic helps non-profit leaders, their Boards and volunteers create a workplace founded on these beliefs, organizations filled with self-worth, hope and capability.

Our work with non-profits includes:

  • Inquiry into what is possible.
  • Strategic thinking moderated with knowledge of effective past practices.
  • Challenging mental model limitations.
  • Unleashing imagination and examining internal systems in light of the desired future.

“We must learn to enlist people’s heads and hearts as integral parts of the work process.” - John J. Sherwood

The Leading Clinic. Why Now?

If your organization is ready to

  • review and redefine its mission,
  • build effective new partnerships, coalitions, or collaborative networks,
  • evaluate how changing resources are impacting your current and future objectives,
  • create a more flexible organization able to take advantage of emerging opportunities,

we offer an approach to change and leadership development unlike any other currently available.

Non-profit Directors, members of the Board: Contact us to find out about how to partner with The Leading Clinic in renewing your non-profit organization. Call The Leading Clinic at (206) 463-6374.

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