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Asia 2013

In Fall, 2013, we will gather in Hong Kong and Singapore to learn results-focused, positive methods of working with our clients: Coaching from Your Positive-Core.

Come join us to initiate your own career transformation-a process that can lead to new direction, new clients and unprecedented growth in your practice.

Become a certified coach in
International Positive-Core/Appreciative Inquiry Coaching(TM).

Each participant in the International Coaching Certification program will become certified as a Positive-Core (Appreciative Inquiry) Coach(TM), an internationally recognized professional designation of The Leading Clinic, Seattle, Washington, USA.

Past programs have drawn participants from the US, Canada, Europe, Russia and Asia (including China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea).

Positive-Core (Appreciative Inquiry) Coaching(TM) includes applying the Leadership for a Healthy World(TM) model-leading from the positive core-plus other positive and appreciative coaching practices. Coaches world-wide have been utilizing this approach for nearly two decades; their successes have been well-documented.

Past participants have said that ICC's learning format is perfect for a working professional's schedule!

This uniquely designed certification process will kick-off with an on-site workshop with program developers, Sherene Zolno and Rick Skillman The certification process then continues utilizing e-learning and "blended" learning forums, including:

  • interactive classroom instruction
  • self-directed and intragroup learning
  • teleconference discussion groups
  • strengths assessment and feedback
  • coaching calls
  • step-by-step coaching taught in four televised sessions

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Coaching Certification
Appreciative Inquiry &
Whole System IQ


Learn how to help your clients achieve – and sustain – positive change.
This 10 day, 150-hour program offers certification through The Leading Clinic.

Between June and July on the West Coast, and between September and October on the East Coast, two intimate and uniquely focused groups of people will gather to investigate, experience, challenge, and inquire their way to a new level of capability in working with clients and client whole systems.

A special highlight of this professional development process is the application of Appreciative Inquiry within the context of whole system change.

As a certified coach/consultant™ in AI & Whole System IQ™ you will be qualified to coach today’s CEOs and the next generation of high potential managers, plus teams, and whole systems –– large or small, partnerships, corporations, public agencies, or other groups –– going through change. After completing this program you will begin or enhance your ability for working from a systemic and local/global perspective. You will relate to your clients/client systems in deeper, more meaningful ways.

Session 1 WSIQ – Whole System Intelligence
Session 2 The Coaching Conversation: Breakthrough Reframing
Session 3 Appreciative Inquiry and the AI Summit (integrating AI in a Whole System Change approach)
Session 4 Whole System Interventions in Your Coaching and Consulting Practice

*note: Sessions 1 and 2 run consecutively for a total of 5 days. Sessions 3 and 4 also run consecutively for a total of 5 days. There are approximately 5 weeks between sessions 2 and 3. Coaching projects and personal coaching calls occur between sessions 2 and 3, with one call as a follow up, after session 4.

Coaching Certification in Appreciative Inquiry and Whole System IQ™ (whole system intelligence) gives each participant the opportunity to see how systems work, apply tools to assess the changing environment, and inspire clients while building their confidence to take on the pressing task of changing a complex, whole system. This program will enable you to assist your clients in achieving an unprecedented breakthrough in their key personal and business results.

You will be in a learning journey that is . . .

and designed to prepare you for certification in executive and whole system coaching.

NEW: Graduates of the 2011 programs will be the first to become a Certified Appreciative Inquiry & Whole System Change Facilitator™, now offered through The Leading Clinic. With completion of the program, you will be fully prepared to facilitate your own Appeciative Inquiries.


Enrollment is limited to ensure that the learning environment is personalized, and that you are engaged and able to focus on your own learning goals.

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or contact: Sherene Zolno at
The Leading Clinic, Tel: 206-463-6374

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