The Leading Clinic makes a contribution that is unique in our region, and across the country, towards capacity building in non-profit, government and community service organizations by ensuring the effectiveness of their leaders, board members, staff and volunteers.

TLC uses a unique process for developing executives, their senior teams and employees at all levels, integrating learning within a systemic change process. This involves examining culture, infrastructure, operations and processes relative to the organization’s re-vision of the future.

Guided to think beyond what was once thought possible, participating organizations learn how to translate their strategic intentions into everyday practice, as staff, board members, leaders, managers and volunteers come together in a series of meetings and educational sessions to solve complex problems and build commitment to transformation and breakthrough improvement.

TLC’s training programs are comprehensive, experiential, structured consistent with the most advanced learning and change theory, and delivered by highly experienced professionals steeped in the knowledge of the power of collective, positive inquiry, adult learning models, and participatory learning. In designing and delivering training to our clients, we collaboratively work with you to address identified performance gaps and create a learning organization.

A sample listing of programs we have designed and delivered for our national and international clients include:


Developing a LeadTeam: Arenas for Action and Results*

Developing a LeadTeam is a competency-based framework that guides the actions of leaders of major organizational change. It identifies and defines four critical competencies of effective leaders and their organizations, and lists the conditions required for being a competent leader and competent organization. Finally, Developing the LeadTeam provides solid information on what is needed to move an organization in the direction of becoming more highly functioning, capable and 'leader-full'––in other words, it could give an executive and his or her leadership group a means to evaluate how far they have come in becoming the organization they want to be, and point them towards how they might go the rest of the way.

A key reason for using this structure is that it focuses everyone within the leadership group on the entire system (Whole System IQ™), rather than on the pieces they face operationally day-to-day. This gives them the tools needed for more comprehensively identifying the areas to address to support and sustain the organization development process––and their own development as individuals and as a team ––into the future.

Working with the Developing a LeadTeam framework has allowed leadership teams to produce results more quickly and efficiently.


The New Century Leadership* program

The New Century Leadership* program is 15 days of training, where each session builds on the last to deepen and extend understanding of effective leadership practice. The NCL program develops critical skills and thinking for application in the work environment before, during and after a whole system change effort.

New Century Leadership develops committed leaders who, as learners, coaches, partners, and catalysts, guide their organizations on a journey to new levels of excellence and capability.

In the New Century Leadership program participants examine their beliefs and their impact on the choices they make as leaders. By building individual and organizational self-worth, hope and capability, the New Century leader learns how to nurture an environment for creativity and commitment, and prepare the organization to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Appreciative Inquiry*

Appreciative Inquiry is a 1-2 day training program, followed by a 2-3 day All-Stakeholder Conference (AI Summit). AI is unique way of thinking about how groups come together that can be applied by people responsible for organization planning, visioning and change. The philosophy of Appreciative Inquiry is a positive and affirmative one that may be usefully applied in creating a compelling vision for an organization that must decide now how it will stretch into a new future.

For leaders, Appreciative Inquiry is first a means for understanding ones organization and how it works, then a way to focus attention on what are referred to as the “life-giving forces” of the organization. It is also a process for seeking out the best of current and past methods of operating, with the overall purpose of igniting the organization’s imagination of what is possible for the future.


Other training programs offered through
The Leading Clinic include

Becoming A Learning Organization
Organization Competency Assessment and Culture*
Breakthrough to Quality™* (Process Alignment)
Rapport Building*
Insight into Management™*
Improving Communication at Work
Leadership and Partnership
Building a Competent Workforce.

(*Indicates those programs available with complete Trainer's Guides for internal trainers, and for building internal capacity to deliver the programs.)

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