Are you, or are you aspiring to be . . .

a leader,

an executive coach,

an organization development consultant,

a training & development practitioner,


If so, this is the place for you . . . and we extend a warm welcome to you.

ProAction Associates is an international leader in the field of organization development – and our Associates are long time contributors to the field. Many new ideas and practice insights are here, for you to discover in a visit to the Publications page.

You will have access to some of the latest thinking about what it takes to be an effective leader and change agent. We welcome your inquiry about how we can serve your needs.

You can also visit The Leading Clinic via this website, known for innovative ideas for non-profit leadership and EagleDigital, know for innovation in imaging.

And find out more about The Leading Clinic’s International Coaching Certification: Coaching from the Positive-Core /Appreciative Inquiry program by clicking here.

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