Move beyond business-as-usual with whole system coaching.


A relationship for creating the future

Working in a coaching relationship leads to MASTERY, personal and job satisfaction, and to a fresh new approach to stubborn and intractable problems.

POSITIVE-CORE, WHOLE SYSTEM IQ (intelligence) coaching is our unique way of supporting our clients based on building each person’s ability to view strengths and opportunities within the widest possible context.

Tired of hit and run approaches? Positive-Core WSIQ ensures sustainable change.

As a leader, you will want to use Whole System IQ coaching for yourself and to support high potential or key individuals and teams––and get yourself and your entire system on the right track again to achieving the business results you want and need.

Positive-Core WSIQ™ = being smart about system change.

Why Does Whole System IQ(intelligence) Coaching Work?

The real challenge of change is that we live embedded in systems: at work we are part of teams, departments and companies. At home we are part of our family. All of these affect our ability to change.

Positive-Core WSIQ™ coaching helps you become aware of the impact your desired change will have on the system. Without system intelligence, even the best designed and most desired changes just won’t stick.

Positive-Core WSIQ™ allows you to move beyond business-as-usual, to create breakthroughs.

Get coaching started today. Ask for a ProAction Associates coach.

What about creating a coaching culture where you work.

ProAction Associates, through collaborative inquiry, dialogue, reframing and modeling is able to assist you in building the whole system coaching skills of your employees, so you can establish coaching relationships throughout your organization. To learn more about how to create a culture of coaching in your organization, please contact us.

Also, for more information about our Executive Coaching services, please click here.

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