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Whole Field Consulting

Envisioning the future and building
the capacity to achieve it.

While consulting is known by many names (for example: organization development, action research, collaborative inquiry, appreciative inquiry and action learning) what separates the work we do with our clients is our emphasis on deeply understanding their strategic intentions and how their organizations function. You can count on us to be sure that our recommendations are informed by in-depth, whole field analysis, followed by sound process planning and facilitation.

Whole Field Consulting is “learning by doing”––we actively engage with you in creating a compelling vision of the future, and in discovering both 1) what gets in the way of accomplishing your vision, and 2) what strengths and special competencies you have to take you to your future.

To achieve sustainable change means that some of the ‘doing’ will include changing strategies, methods, structures, and processes of operation. We are experts in understanding whole systems so you can get your entire organization moving in the same direction.

Our work with you is collaborative, based on the belief that people learn best when they do it themselves. Each consulting project takes place in a real-world situation and aims to solve real problems.

Your return on investment includes learning from OUR experience, the perspective and practical knowledge we bring to solving your dilemmas.

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