ProAction Associates Services:
Executive and Leadership Development

Using Whole Field Alignment™, our unique approach to assessing needs, ProAction Associates works collaboratively with you to shrink identified performance gaps and help you create a learning organization.

Our training programs are comprehensive, experiential, and structured to be consistent with the most advanced learning and change theory. They are delivered by highly experienced professionals steeped in knowledge of the power of collective, positive inquiry, adult learning models, and participatory learning.

A sample listing of programs we have designed and delivered for our national and international clients include:

Appreciative Inquiry*
Systems Thinking Applying Positive-Core /Appreciative Inquiry Methods
New Century Leadership
Learning Organization
Organizational Assessment and Culture
Breakthrough to Quality™* (Quality/Process Improvement)*
Conflict Management
Whole Field Goal Setting
Systems Coaching & Consulting Skills
Improving Communication at Work
Presentation/ Speaking/Training Skills
Customer Service
Leadership and Partnership
Project Team Leadership*
Whole System IQ™(intelligence)

(* Many of our programs are available with comprehensive Trainers’ Guides for internal trainers. For more information, contact us.)

Developing Executives and their Teams

ProAction Associates uses a unique process for developing executives and organization leaders known as LeadTeam: Action! (LTA!).

LeadTeam: Action! identifies and defines five competencies of effective leaders, and includes a customized approach to building competent leaders and competent organizations.

LeadTeam: Action! provides a solid guide, containing in-depth information on what you will need to move your organization towards being more highly functioning, capable and 'leader-full'.

Why use LeadTeam: Action!? The comprehensive LTA! process and guide focuses everyone within the leadership group on the entire system (Whole System IQ™), rather than on the pieces they face operationally day-to-day. They get the tools needed for identifying what they need to do to support and sustain the organization change/development process––and their own development as individuals and as a team.

Leadership and Executive Development Programs

LeadTeam: Action! and the New Century Leadership™ Program

Executives use the New Century Leadership program to develop a committed leadership team, where everyone is focused on the journey to new levels of excellence and capability. Linked to the LTA! Process, the New Century Leadership program is delivered in custom–designed sessions, each building on the last to deepen and extend each person’s understanding of effective leadership practices.

In the New Century Leadership program participants examine their beliefs and the impact of those beliefs on their choices. By building a sense of self-worth, hope and capability, the New Century leader establishes an environment for creative expression and commitment, and prepares the organization to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

The Language of Leaders Program:

Building alliances, relationships, performance

For business leaders to excel in increasing their organization’s creativity, productivity and collaboration, they must communicate in a way that builds individual confidence and willingness to take risks.

They need to use their interactions––their conversations––to promote an engaged partnership, both with those inside the organization, and between the organization and its community of stakeholders.

They must think systems, talk collaboration, and act partnership.

The Language of Leaders course gives Executive Directors, CEOs, Board members, and Senior Managers the opportunity to practice the conversations that inspire and build confidence. They will be able to clarify commitments, negotiate lasting agreements, and encourage productive work.

For information on these and other development programs offered by ProAction Associates contact us today.

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