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People’s personal stories have a vitality and interest across generations. Eagledigital Productions collaborates with individuals to help them tell their stories to future generations of their family. Similar to the Artist Legacy Project conversations, the goal is not only to preserve their stories, but to identify traits and strengths that may pass down to their progeny.

How often have you said or heard, “I wish I knew more about my heritage”, or “What was grandfather/grandmother really like?” What better way to get answers to those questions than to hear directly from them in their own words?

Normally, EagleDigital Productions videographers do not appear in the video, allowing the full stage to the individual telling their story. Using video, stills, music, mementos, vignettes with other family members, plus whatever else will assist in representing your story, a final product that is tightly edited to present a concise but natural communication across generations, comes to you.

Please contact us to learn how we will work with you in telling your story, and creating your film legacy.

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