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In collaboration with the individual or small group, Eagledigital Productions strives to present portraiture in a unique way, one where the image tells the story and carries on the conversation, but without words. More than pretty or even beautiful images, each photo shoot works to convey some special meaning to the viewer, giving us a “window” through which the subjects of the shoot can be seen.

Shot in black and white, or color, the images actively engage the viewer, intentionally evoking thoughts and feelings that for a brief moment draw the viewer into the life of the photo’s subject.

Because of the very personal nature of what is communicated, the people we work with always have ultimate editorial control over what image emerges to be shown. In other words, the resulting image is not about Eagledigital Productions, but about the person we observed.

Please contact us to learn how we will work with you in capturing your essence, a legacy for you and your family.


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