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Rick Skillman, founder

Rick has been a photographer for nearly forty years, beginning when the birth of his beautiful daughter, Wendy, inspired him to study photography in order to capture her essence and innocence. In addition to expressing his love for her, and later her sister, Heather, he sought to capture the beauty of the eastern Pennsylvania hillsides where he grew up, and where he returned after three tours in Viet Nam. Through photography he came ‘home’.

He is now exploring fine art photography, portraiture and digital filming from his studio on Vashon Island. Working through, EagleDigital Productions, he continues to strive towards greater skill and deeper expression of truth in his own artistic work, while collaborating in telling the stories of others. Committed to building a healthy world through art, he gifts his “Artist’s Legacy Project” to the Vashon community.

He is the lead producer and director of EagleDigital Productions.

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