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Sherene Zolno

Sherene Zolno, writer, photographer, story-teller and multi-media artist, uses her wide-ranging interests, artistic talents and skills in exploring, recording, enacting and communicating stories of transformation and personal growth. As an observer of change and its impact on people, her art serves as a rich and diverse source for personal expression.

She has studied art, dance, myth and ritual as therapeutic interventions, including studying and interning with Jesse Philips, Paul Rebillot, Daria Halprin, Stephani Priest and others. Sherene became certified to use Rebillot’s ritual enactment structures (the Hero’s Journey) in her work as an educator and counselor. As a weaver for more than 30 years, she loves the crossing of lines (warp and weft) just as much as the crossing of modalities (touch and sight) that comes with working with yarns and fabrics and human beings.

She is the Artistic Director for EagleDigital, and Artistic Consultant on the Artist’s Legacy Project.

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