Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching – sometimes called business or leader coaching – is a collaborative process, designed to get you the support you need to clarify your developmental needs. Executive coaching challenges you to eliminate constraints on what you can accomplish, while exploring new possibilities. Executive Coaching seeks a breakthrough by setting the intention for you to reach––and sustain––your whole system business, team and leadership development goals.

Executive Coaching is based on the understanding that in order to be maximally effective, leaders must accurately identify their strengths, examine the impact of their behavior on other members of their system, and regularly and intentionally reflect on their values, goals, and effectiveness. The support and accountability provided by the coach ensures that the goals of the executive are translated into lasting change.

Some of the goals that lead executives or their organizational sponsors to initiate coaching include

  • improving interpersonal skills,
  • managing stress,
  • driving change,
  • professional advancement.

Consider calling us about a coaching engagement if:

  • You're faced with a significant increase in the scope of your job.
  • You're a project manager who needs to improve how you build and lead teams.
  • You're a leader who wants to be successful at managing across geographic, cultural or demographic boundaries.
  • You're a traditional manager who wants to move to a less dominant and directive leadership style.
  • You're an executive who needs to develop a new vision for yourself, and for your organization.
  • You're a line manager who wants to broaden your experience and capacity to take on an executive position.
  • You're a technical manager who needs to become adept at articulating ideas, influencing others, and understanding organization politics.

As you can tell from this list, many companies provide coaching for high-potential employees, especially for those who need to improve their capabilities to succeed at the next level.

Credible, Experienced Coaches

ProAction Associates’ executive coaching staff consists of highly trained and experienced coaches with diverse business and academic backgrounds. They are seasoned professionals with expertise in 360-degree feedback, leadership effectiveness, and organizational dynamics. All have advanced degrees and are trained to work closely and collaboratively with individuals and within organizational structures.

Our coaches will help you develop clarity of purpose, with the focus on action.

With us, you can work on making the specific behavioral changes you need, ones that leverage your strengths to increase your effectiveness at work.

To learn more about Executive Coaching, please contact us. Also, review our Coaching services section by clicking here.

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