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Misalignment between strategic intentions and day-to-day operations doesn't occur because people lack care about how they work or lack the desire to work hard to accomplish organizational goals. Misalignment occurs because most processes were designed in the distant past, long before recognizing the need to clarify a strategic intention and shared vision of the future.

Process Alignment is achieved by bringing together the right people and engaging them in the systematic use of process alignment tools in an environment of shared responsibility for achieving strategic intentions.

Alignment is driven by the involvement of managers and staff in developing and maintaining a culture committed to inquiry, participation, responsibility, partnership and client satisfaction. It requires training in tools for the evaluation and alignment of processes to strategic intentions, and the building of the kind of generative, affirmative, expansive and collaborative competence that allows for maximum flexibility in adapting to changing environments and evolving client/community expectations.

When an organization begins the Timeline for Tomorrow™ process it initiates a journey of transformation. This journey calls for engagement in an inquiry identifying the strengths of the organization and its sources of vitality– an appreciative inquiry that results in a shift in the conversation about the purpose and possibilities for the organization.

After a new, shared future based on building organizational competencies is envisioned, Process Alignment unites employees and stakeholders in reconfiguring work processes to achieve a breakthrough in productivity, commitment and results.

It includes planning and implementing changes in personnel, physical facilities, organizational structures and technologies.

Please contact us for information about on how to link your vision and strategic intention to a powerful process for day-to-day work processes, policy and procedures change.

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