Strategic Planning




ProAction Associates’ consultants work with organization leaders and managers to establish long-range plans, develop implementation strategies and evaluate progress in order to modify plans. This may include facilitating planning and implementation of changes in personnel, physical facilities, organizational structures and technologies

Our unique approach highlights, by design, a substantial misfit between resources and aspirations. The way to close this gap is not by downsizing aspirations, however, but instead by stretching into the future.

Identifying what the significant stretch is, and the creativity that is engendered by rising to meet this challenge, are the engines for growth and vitality.

We assist leaders in identifying the goal that lies outside the planning horizon, the ambition that stretches far beyond the organization’s current resources and capabilities The purpose of this process is to fold the future back into the present, forcing the question, “What must an organization be doing differently today if they want to create a particular future.”

Then we support an aggressive pursuit of the answers, assisting leaders in the analysis, development, implementation and evaluation of optimal operational structures, systems and procedures appropriate to service delivery requirements, functions and financial targets.

Contact us for a sound, yet fresh approach to your strategic planning process. For more information, read “Strategic Intention.”

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